Hello! We are
Electronic Resistance
– a visual communication agency focused on multimedia design and production.

With over 10 years of experience in corporate branding, advertising, visual arts and music production, and also a considerable portfolio of more than 100 enchanted clients, we are masters of shaping your reality with our vast range of products and services.

The Services

Our combined know-how permits development of complex projects that require lots of deliverables.

The Works

Animations, music videos, explainer videos, visual identities, projection mappings & many more…

We are strongly driven by visual aesthetics and technological approaches towards the design of visual communication systems and multimedia production.

The sum of these two vectors is the foundation on which we build today the visual communication materials of tomorrow.

We are the ones responsible for taking an idea and evolve it until it becomes an experience, a glimpse into our common future, a remarkable object, a powerful call-to-action incentive, and the list goes on.

Boring full-page bullet-points are not our preferred way of talking to your audience about your product or service.

Instead we love to focus on your business personality and identity.

We find your best points and accentuate them in your presentation’s concept and visual style, through high quality moving images, empowering music and sound effects, and crystal-clear visual communication.

Brief history and future paths:

After an eight years break, Electronic Resistance was re-established in 2013, when its initial founder joined forces with young and emerging multimedia design studio, Intermotional.

These two teams would merge their clients lists and their combined know-how would make possible the delivery of high-quality solutions to the creative and video production markets.

Although the company is quite small, this actually gives it the freedom to be independent and to deliver the best possible solutions to its clients, always customized for their needs.

Electronic Resistance envisions itself as a creative hub focused on visual communication design and moving image productions.

Due to the wide range of skills earned in multimedia production and graphic design, Electronic Resistance is truly a one-stop shop for “everything audio-visual”.

The team is fully confident that great results come from countless of hours of passionate work. After all knowledge is nothing without passion.

Internal projects:

The agency also founded and is still maintaining two affiliate marketing projects: VreauVideo.ro and ShopRepublic.ro. For the arts & culture sector, the agency also founded Psihodrom, a cultural association of Vjs, photographers, filmmakers, sound designers with its aim to promote video art to the general public.

Over the years we have been working with:

Now lay back, imagine the best and let the magic happen!

We are always happy to work on new and challenging projects. Drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you shortly.