Funkside Teaser

Blazzaj is an eclectic Romanian group of musicians of very different backgrounds. It includes a highly respected Hardcore vocalist, a Heavy Metal guitar hero, two of the most prestigious bass players in Romania switching places in the rhythm section, a nationally awarded trumpet player and a veteran drummer who made his debut long before the fall of the Iron Curtain. Their Romanian lyrics are carefully crafted and the whole sound is as surprising as their name’s backward translation which actually means “White Jazz” (Jazz Alb).

After its first 1998 release, “Atentie!” (Warning!), Blazzaj enjoyed increasing national audience. It was a cult presence in the live music clubs and festivals all around the country, sticking out of the crowd due to its jazzy arrangements and the constant use of the horn section. And it still is at the moment, in spite of frequent changes of lineup.

Our role:

  • Concept
  • Storyboard Design
  • Animation
  • Sound Design


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